The “Honey Hive Gentleman’s Club”

A FALSE RUMOR about a strip club called “The Honey Hive” opening in Russellton has recently been circulating on Facebook.  The Township has received countless phone calls, emails, and texts, and public officials have been stopped in public by outraged residents.  They are being asked how they could allow such a thing to happen.  Well, the truth is that they haven’t.

In order for such an establishment to open in West Deer, the Board of Supervisors MUST approve any application through an open, public hearing.  An “adult-oriented establishment” is only permitted as a CONDITIONAL USE (must be approved by the Board of Supervisors), and only in an INDUSTRIAL-zoned district.  Russellton is not zoned Industrial.

Similarly, an application and public hearing must occur for the transference of a liquor license in the Township.

NO application for any such establishment — nor an application for a liquor license — has been submitted to West Deer Township.  Therefore it could not have been approved.

If such an establishment attempts to open without Township permission, a process exists to penalize the proprietor.  Please read the following section of the Township Code exists to learn about Adult Entertainment in the Township:  http://www.ecode360.com/12741075#12741075.

Why this rumor was started is unknown.  It could be political in nature — a Township supervisor privately owns the property a few posters stated was the location of this “gentleman’s club” — or it could simply have been done as a joke to watch people blindly make assumptions and make attacks based on those assumptions.

Even the “remodeling” photos posted on Facebook by the original poster are of an establishment our Building Inspector has never seen in West Deer.

Again, the Township kindly asks residents to verify information by contacting THE TOWNSHIP to confirm or deny rumors.  Malicious rumors like these do nothing more than break the bonds that make us a community.


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