Code Enforcement, Zoning, and Animal Control

The Township’s Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer, William Payne, is responsible for issuing building permits, site inspections, ordinance violations, and enforces the State Dog Law. Mr. Payne also helps residents who wish to subdivide or develop property. He is appointed by the West Deer Township Board of Supervisors and serves as the Township’s liaison in Zoning Hearing Board matters.

The Building Inspector is certified to inspect one and two-family dwellings, multiple-family developments, and some commercial projects. A third party Plan Examiner and Inspector may be employed for large-scale developments. Mr. Payne also inspects salvage yards and also issues mechanical device stickers to local establishments.

West Deer Township is a zoned community and has a number of ordinances regulating subdivision, zoning and building. It is recommended that you inquire at the Municipal Building prior to initiating any expansion or building on your property. There are numerous requirements for driveway construction, placement of articles in the right-of-way, erection of signs, and many other types of projects.  To avoid a possible citation, please contact the staff as seen below.

West Deer Township Zoning Map

West Deer Nov 24th 2015 Zoning 18600

Current Building/Code Staff

William Payne, Building/Code Official
Denise Teorsky, Administrative Assistant

Building Permits

In order to set standards and support uniform quality, the Township has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC). Building permits are required for, but are not limited to, projects such as: all new structures; single family homes; additions; garages; sheds; fences; and swimming pools. Please contact the Building Inspector if you are unsure whether or not you need a permit, and you will properly informed. The building permit must be accompanied with a plot plan and a set of construction drawings.

Dogs and License

State Law prohibits dogs running at large throughout the Township. Dogs must be: confined within the owner’s residence/property; firmly secured by means of a collar and chain – or other device – so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; under reasonable control of some other person; or engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition, or field training. Failure to obey this law may subject the dog owner to a fine of up to $500.

All dogs in Allegheny County must be licensed. Licenses – either annual or lifetime – must be obtained through the County Treasurer’s Office in the County Building in downtown Pittsburgh. The penalty for failing to license a dog in the County is a fine of up to $300. The Township cannot issue the license, but applications for the County license are available at the Township. Please contact us for details.

All dogs in the State of Pennsylvania must also have a current rabies vaccination. Certification of vaccination must be in the form of a statement signed by a license veterinarian attesting to the vaccination of the dog and recording: the identification; breed; sex; age; color of the animal; the vaccination tag number; the name; lot number; duration of immunity; date of manufacture of the vaccine; and date of vaccination. The rabies tag alone does not constitute proof of vaccination. Violations of this law may subject the dog owner to a fine of up to $300.


Allegheny County prohibits outdoor burning other than small recreational wood fires. Burning permit applications may be obtained at the Township Building and submitted to the Allegheny County Health Department/Air Quality Division for approval. For more information, call 412.578.8115.

Property Maintenance

Although West Deer Township does not have an ordinance on grass cutting, Allegheny County requires property owners to keep their grass and weeds at a maximum of ten inches high. Building materials must be stored neatly and structures kept in sound conditions. Vehicles without current inspection and license plates may not be stored outside on private or public property.

Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program

The purpose of the Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program (AVPRP) is to take blighted and/or tax delinquent properties and resell them to an applicant for reuse as determined within their application and as approved by the Municipality.
Click here for information and application form:

Vacant Property Recovery Program Application




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