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To visit the shelter, please call for an appointment at 724-224-5291



Dog Shelter

For Adoption Information Call Barb @ 724-224-5291

Lost and stray DOGS in West Deer Township.

Lost and stray DOGS in need of shelter, protection or medical care.

Lost DOGS back to their owners, unclaimed, abused and homeless DOGS to new families.

DOGS, people and the community to live in harmony with each other through education.

West Deer Dog Shelter is operated by West Deer Township as a service to the community. It is the only township operated dog shelter in the area. It is staffed by volunteers and support from the community. The shelter helps stray and lost dogs of West Deer Township. An attempt is made to reunite lost dogs with their owners, if an owner cannot be found the dogs are given vaccinations, neutered or spayed, and given a health check by our vet. They are then placed in loving indoor homes. The shelter holds a maximum of twelve dogs. Unlike larger shelters, our animals are not usually living in cages. They have the freedom to come in the building or out into a large fenced-in area. This allows the dogs to remain socialized and not become cage bound. Mr. Gary Bogan, the Animal Control and Code Enforcement Officer of West Deer Township, oversees the volunteers, speaks at local schools on the responsibility and care of animals, and handles all dog complaints. Volunteers are available to speak to any size group, including a group of neighbors in someone's home, on how to teach children to react in possible scary situations involving dogs, the care of dogs and other topics.

West Deer Dog Shelter is located on the orange belt near Deer Lakes High School behind the West Deer Township Municipal Building on 109 East Union Road.

Spay and Neutering Program
Introducing the Margaret Albrecht Spay and Neutering Assistance Program. The West Deer Dog Shelter is providing assistance to West Deer Township residents with spay and neutering costs for dog and cat owners who meet program requirements. Spay and neutering costs will also be covered for Feral cats under this program. Please contact William Payne in the Code Enforcement Office for details. 724-265-2780

Margret Albrecht Spay and Neutering Fact Sheet


Application for Spay and Neutering Assistance Program


Below are the dogs currently available for adoption.

To visit the shelter, please call for an appointment at 724-224-5291


This is a list of dogs we currently have in our shelter

Stanley is a 5 year old male beagle.  He is overweight and on a diet.  He was 45 lbs but has lost 4 lbs already and is doing well.  He was from a breeding kennel and wasn't quite sure what to do with all the attention but now he is thrilled with pets and cuddles and can't seem to get enough.

By: Barb Pasquale On Friday, 14 August 2015

Snow is a 5 yr old female Jack Russell Terrier.  She was a little shy when her and Lulu first came in but has adjusted quickly.  We think Lulu is a min pin/chi mix.  She is 3 and the more social.  She loves to sit in laps and be the lovebug.  Snow likes to play with her toys and jumps into our wading pool to retrieve them.  She very good about amusing herself with toys.  Both are very comfortable being crated and you will find them curled up together.


By: Barb Pasquale On Friday, 14 August 2015
By: Barb Pasquale On Sunday, 23 March 2014

To visit the shelter, please call for an appointment at 724-224-5291