Planning Commission

The Planning Commission plays a major role in the Township by giving advice and providing recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on planning and community development matters. The Planning Commission ensures that the Townships land resources are used in a reasonable, economical, and equitable manner that benefits both property owners’ interests as well as those of the general public.

Matters addressed by the Planning Commission include, but are not limited to: the Township Comprehensive Plan; the Zoning and Land Use Ordinance; Site Plan Developments; Conditional Use Applications; Lot Line Revisions and/or Subdivision of Land; Rezoning Requests; and Special Use Permits.

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven (7) members each appointed by the Board of Supervisors to four-year, staggered terms.

Anyone interested in learning more about the function of a Planning Commission is encouraged to download this informational booklet.

The West Deer Planning Commission holds regular meetings the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Township Building.

Current Planning Commission Members

Mark Schmidt, Chairman
John Butala, Vice-Chairman
Katharine Rojik, Secretary
Robert Bechtold
Timothy Phelps
Suzanne L. Garlena
Alan M. Banks



Planning Commission Minutes


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