Public Works

The West Deer Township Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the Township infrastructure, such as: Roads, Stormwater System, Parks, and Buildings. The department is currently manned by Public Works Foreman Kevin Olar, laborers/drivers/equipment operators; Dan Loughlin, Brennan McGowan, Wade Myers, Fred “Fritz” Reekie, Mike Ulewicz, Andy Zeis and Dave Crawford. They are an extremely experienced group of West Deer residents who go the extra distance to take care of the people of the Township.

The Township has 105 miles of roadways within its borders, and the Department maintains eight trucks and an assortment of heavy equipment to perform its duties. All of this equipment is stored at the Public Works garage located behind both the Municipal Building and the Middle School football fields.

The Township, at 28.874 square miles, is the third largest municipality in Allegheny County.
The 105 miles of roads in West Deer Township broken down as follows:
Township:        60.3 road miles
State:                 38.37 road miles
County:             6.33 road miles

Winter Maintenance

When the snow starts to fall, the Public Works Department activates its Snow and Ice Removal Plan. Exactly what happens under the plan depends on the amount of precipitation that has fallen, what’s predicted to fall, the temperature, the expected duration of the storm, and moisture content.
Both plowing and salt-spreading operations help control winter road hazards, with Township crews spreading more salt at intersections and around curves. The effectiveness of salt depends on traffic volume, pavement type (concrete or asphalt), shade patterns, and temperature. Salt is less effective when the temperature dips to 25 degrees (F) and may have no effect at all in very cold temperatures.
Not all roads within the Township are maintained by the Public Works Department. Some are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and others are maintained by the Allegheny County Department of Public Works. Questions about certain highways should be directed to the agencies responsible.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), District 11 Office, 888.783.6783
    • Armstrong Road
    • Bakerstown-Culmerville Road
    • Campbell Road
    • Creighton-Russellton Road
    • Deer Creek Road
    • Millerstown-Culmerville Road
    • Russellton-Airport Road
    • Saxonburg Boulevard
    • State Route 908
    • State Route 910 (Gibsonia Road)
  • Allegheny County Department of Public Works, 412.350.4005
    • Deer Lakes Park
Snow Reminders

  • Please do not shovel or plow snow and/or ice onto any Township street or public sidewalk, or obstruct any fire hydrants. The Township has an ordinance prohibiting such activity.
  • Please remind children playing in the snow or building snow forts, snowmen, etc., to stay well away from the street.
  • There is no on-street parking permitted in West Deer Township. This is especially important to remember when snow accumulates and crews are clearing the roadways.
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