Township Manager

Office of the Township Manager

Daniel Mator is the Township Manager and also serves as the Township Treasurer. Mr. Mator manages the day-to-day operations of the Township. He works closely with the public to ensure Township services are being provided through various departments.

The Township Manager provides feedback and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors based on information gathered by both Mr. Mator and the department heads. After the Board of Supervisors sets a policy, it is the Manager’s duty to ensure the policy is implemented.

In addition, Mr. Mator drafts the first copy of the annual Budget for the Board to review, modify, and adopt. As the Treasurer, Mr.Mator verifies that all payments being made by the Township are correct, legally permissible, and covered in the annual budget.

If you would like to reach Daniel, he can be contacted at:

Daniel Mator, Township Manager   724-265-3680 x222